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Fatigue prevention
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Monday, 30 April 2012 04:53
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Fatigue| Stay Healthy

How to keep good energy levels, stay healthy while working,


Hello guys, This is a very important subject, weather you are a new crew or not, you may wonder why are you feel “power drained”  often.


The answer is simple,

Clean Food = Pure Energy “more effective”

Junk Food  = Energy   “less effective”


Add “Pure Energy” + good Exercise =  Life size transformation


With this new job/life style you will come across few challenges that may obstruct you from keeping a healthy living… This is true  only if you choose to believe so !!


I want you to keep in mind the following images: Next time you fly, take a close look on other cabin crew in EK and other airlines, see different ages, different health levels.. and now ask your self,

In few years from now, how would I like to look ? Healthy and sexy or barely “living” ??


You MUST exercise often to protect your body over the harsh aircraft condition, dry air, hard work and above all, time zones.


Right now, you are probably young and have enough stamina to sustain all this with no problems, but think ahead, If you take care of your body now.. your body will take care of you in future, you will stay sexy and full of energy.


If you have been flying for a while, It is NEVER too late to start, Human body is an amazing creation, it adopts so well that you can look as good as any one else if you really want it bad enough J


The main concept or base of training is that you want to “shield” your body and build up energy and MORE resilience and stamina towards a really healthy future.


So. Let’s talk little about food, exercise and training,




What is clean food ?

It is any food with a true nutrition value that doe not carry extra fats, oils, sugars.


For example: 1 Kilo of fried potato is way damaging than 1 Kilo of oven baked potato with no oil.

See the difference ?


Depending on your culture or the way you have been  brought up, you may be used to a lot of fried rice, or oily stuff (I used to eat lots of salty food, and didn’t care much about oils).


If you were like me, then best way to  adopt healthy living is to go slow… Gradually is the key, do not start by a super strict diet as this may sock your body and change your mode.

Go slow, drop it slowly, learn more about food (will tell you later), start by introducing healthy options to your body.

Then drop the un-healthy options as you go.