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Your first car
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Monday, 30 April 2012 04:50
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Toys |Now this is fun!!!


Remember when we said, Dubai is an exciting place full of possibilities ?

What is your dream car ?  feel like having a boat ? a jet sky. or maybe a  bike ?


I changes over 15 cars in this country since I came late 2002, I owned sport cars, 4x4’s , project cars, small cars, big cars, average ones and had so much fun doing so (and I still do..)

All my cars were in top shape, all were in immaculate condition,  every car I sold were as good as new, but in fact I bought all my cars as a 2nd hand cars, none of them were brand new..


Why should I buy a 2nd hand Vs brand new ?


First Off > If you don’t drive, get some lessons and issue a driving license, If you do  drive make sure you get your self a UAE driving license ASAP.


I can not imagine a cabin crew life with no driving, Taxi’s in Dubai are easy to get but on the long run it is expensive. get a driving license it’s much more fun !


Another good question, It really depends on you !

What is your aim ? if you like “love” cars then buying 2nd hand ones will give you more stretch to keep changing brands.


But if you just need a car that would take you from AàB  then you are better off with a brand new one (though It really hurts me when people buy brand new ones as I know they miss a lot of fun changing into different cars).


So again, If you are starting your life in UAE/Dubai think of what you may like or the changes that may happen to you with this new life..

-          You might want to join a 4x4 community and start learning to off-road and go on camping trips !


-          You might like speed and find your self behind a fast car testing new slick tiers on the racing track in Dubai Aerodrome or at other circuits in UAE.



-          You may wish to explore Harley Davidson bikes or some Ninjas down the road along with other bikers club.


The choice is so wide, but it is only limited by how further you want to stretch, and this is why I recommend that you get your self a good 2nd hand toy the move to the next step when you are ready!





How to buy a 2nd hand car ?


Let’s agree on one thing, Not all 2nd hand cars are a piece of junk !

There is so many cars in a good condition that their owners takes really good care of them and makes sure they ate in top shape (like my cars hehe J)


The trick is how to find these cars ? & How to buy them ?


When you buy a car in UAE, you will need to have it inspected by RTA or the traffic department. However, the RTA inspection is merly to make sure there is no major damages in car and that it can run on UAE streets. But this does not mean that the car is running smooth or trouble free !


The answer is: you must have  a good car mechanic that will do an inspection for you before you take the car to the traffic department.


The mechanic will check and see the real condition of the car you wish to buy and tells you a rough estimate of any maintenance needed.


How much should I spend on a 2nd hand car ?


In my own estimate, a max of  30-50K DHS is more than enough to hook you up with a hot sport car or a nasty 4x4 that would sail with you across desert.. (I am not into Bikes so don’t really know an estimate price).


A 30K would buy you a sweet Camaro or a Mustang to show off with, 30K can buy you an older but strong Jeep Cherokee for desert, you can go higher in price and get many other options.. just remember… higher price is not always a sign of quality.



Where to buy these 2nd hand cars ??


Go to:    àthis is a website for buying almost anything in UAE not only cars. You will get an idea about car prices (sure you will drop most prices at least 2K less than tag price if you sweet talk your way with seller).


Check news papers, but I still prefer Dubizzle over any other source or website because it simply works!



Another place is to buy a high-end 2nd hand car from the car agency it self, for example, If you wish to ride a Honda, you can visit Honda show room on Sheikh Zayed  road and see the used Hondas over there.

The difference between the agency and Dubizzle/newspapers is that the agency has already checked the car and inspected it and gives you a warranty and service “I guess” but these cars would be a higher models (like 1-3 yrs old or so) so the car is already new.

Of course expect a higher price range.




Summery |Live your life !


Please, please, please enjoy your life, do not think “limitations”, do not think “what is the re-sell value” of this car would be.. because this will limit your options,

Who cares what will the resell value be in a year or tow! How much are you planning to save on a re-sell value of a 2nd hand car anyway ?? 2K ? 3K ? 5K ??!!  So what !!  even if you loose a resell value but you enjoyed yourself with a car you love. isn’t this worth over a 10K !! so you already saved a lot!


Be smart, ask people and friends but do not do anything that “limits” your thoughts or believes just because you are following !! be an outgoing person and take new steps and I assure you won’t regret it.