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Living in Dubai
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Monday, 30 April 2012 04:47
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Living |in UAE


Once again Mabrouk!! Congratulations for joining Emirates Airlines (or Etihad, Air Arabia), This topic is mainly for Dubai cabin crew but you can easily relate you your airline.


Topics Discussed:

-          Money

-          Banks

-          Loans


UAE is one of the most exciting places on planet Earth, yes it is sandy, hot, less green but it is full of potential, Dubai is the only city you can see multimillion cars rolling down streets like your average Honda !


What is your dream ?


Money | easy cash


You will see an increase in your salary within the first few months, your money income would be from two main sources (Salary,  Layover allowance that is given to you on each layover).

If you are bad with money –like me Jthen you may need to some how “plan” you spending and keep track of how much money you are using/burning. And this would be a good start to be self aware of your money management.


Banks | Which bank ?


Okay, If you ask me about banks, I have tried HSBC for few years and I personally  would not recommend it, I am extremely happy with MashreqBank, Also NBD is a good bank to join.

Both banks have online services that allows you to do a lot so you do not need to visit the branch.

If you feel like MashreqBank let me know, I will get you in touch with one of their Branch managers whom become a personal friend, I do not know anyone in NBD just yet, but It is a good bank as well.


Credit cards | is it any good ?


Now this is a very interesting subject,  Important too !

YES, you must carry a credit card “VISA  or  Mastercard”.. why ?? àyou are a cabin crew, your life is traveling the world, you need a card handy just incase you ran into troubles, or you need to pay for an online ticket ot hotel vacation.


NO, you do not need a credit card that has a limit of 10,000 DHS  a 3000 DHS limit is enough.

Why?? àOkay let’s see why should we have a 3K limit and not 10K :

-          Your salary is around 7K / month

-          Why on earth would you want to be in debt with a 10K credit card ?

-          You say “I won’t spend 10 K in a month..?”  well, Duh!! Even so, the credit spending will accumulate to reach the max before you know it, then you are going to remember my words.. I really hope you act smart and get your self in a safe spending zone.

-          “My bank offered an 8K or 10K or 15K credit card for free” àDo not take it ! When you apply for a new credit card, you will be amazed how many offers and delayed payment options can a bank offer you.. Ask “order” the bank to set a max limit on your card to  be 3000K ONLY.

-          Bank will say” why, we are offering you more with no extra charge…” àplease be smart and say NO, and “order” the bank to limit your card down to 3K.

-          Why 3K  not 4K or more ? àokay, another good question, If you spend and max out all you card limit, it means you will be 3000 DHs in dept right ? so  by next month you can still cover the whole card “3K” from your next salary and still have enough to burn J.

-          Set your card to have an “Automatic payment of 100%” meaning that the bank will automatically cover/pay your credit card when the next salary arrives.




Loans | Good or bad ?


In simple English; Do not take a loan unless you are going to “invest” in something, some crew buy properties, others build new ones or share in private businesses.

Loans is like an invisible device from hell that slowly drowns you’re butt and before you know it you become a modern-slave of the cash cycle.