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My First Layover as a cabin crew
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Monday, 30 April 2012 04:42
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New cabin crew | My first layover - Starting Guide

Lots of fun around the world, but let’s learn how to “safely” enjoy it.


Topics Discussed:

-          Packing my suitcase

-          Very important tips

-          Layover  must-reads



I am happy you are starting this new exciting life as a cabin crew, I would like to share with you some thoughts about best practice when going on a layover on a different country.


But first, Let’s pack our suitcase !! J

Must have:

- Your suitcase should ALWAYS have the followings as a standard setup:

   - One fresh set of uniform

   - Toiletries Kit (tooth brush, hair accessories, gel or hair spray, hair brush…)

   - Gym bag (it’s better to carry your shopping in it than supermarket plastic bags)

   - One heavy jumper or shirt (just incase of a last min destination change to a cold country)



Packing your suitcase is easy, rolling your clothes like a “Swiss role”  keeps cloths crease free as much as possible. (some crew folds clothes into squares)



Don’t forget your gym shoes, most hotels have complementary gym access for crew.



If you are planning to do a lot of shopping, make sure you have enough space in your suitcase as you are not allowed to carry extra bags.



It’s a good idea to separate the used clothes and uniform into a plastic bag away from other suitcase contents. Also, pls put your shoes in a separate plastic bag as each country have different soil and you may pick up A LOT of germs if they get in contact with your clothes/shopping.


Okay, First layover here we go, Let’s pretend we are landing at Japan (but all the points below is applied on all countries even English speaking ones àremember ? do not assume things. )


Example àJAPAN / OSAKA

Not the easiest place to find English speakers, signs are mainly in Japanese (some in English).

You have just arrived at hotel in OKASA with crew bus along with the rest of the team….


 1-  Pls place your bag neatly at hotel reception (some hotels do it for you).

 2- CAPT. And First officer will sign up and take their room keys first.

 3- Seniors will go first then each by their grade.

4- Once you get your turn, you will sign for a room and get a Room Key + Allowance envelop.

5-  Earlier in bus, PUR would advice the wakeup/pick up call times  (will explain later below).

6- Now it’s time to have some fun out of uniform.. (go out, sigh seeing, meet crew, pool, gym, restaurant, chill out or shopping or whatever you like !)


Layover Major points:



DO NOT shout your room number to colleagues out loud (this is a security breach).

DO NOT discuss going out plans very openly at reception (you never know whom might be listening)




Even if you are going out with a group, pls approach the reception desk/concierge and ask for hotel card (which have address/hotel number/sometimes a map)

Why ? Just incase you get lost, or you wish to leave early or something happens you would still hop in a taxi and find your way back.



-          When you enter your hotel room for first time, Check the toilet, closets, other sections of the room that there is no one inside. (yes, it happened before that there was people inside a crew room).

-          Check and make sure the time is correct (TV  LCD clock, desk/radio clock depending on the hotel) just make sure the displayed time is correct and if you are not sure simply call the reception and ask what’s the time. Why?? àIt happened before that crew got delayed because their room clock was minutes behind real time.

-          Iron your uniform for tomorrow’s flight back. Why?? àjust incase you wake up a little late, at least your stuff is ready. (Most hotels will have a iron set in closet, if not then call “house keeping” and ask for one when you arrive at hotel).

-          Set your alarm for tomorrow (one hour before wake up call  which means 2 hrs before pick up time). Why?? àthe more time you have to prepare will make you more relaxed, one hour is not enough to shower, pack and get ready specially if you are a girl as hair takes time to style).


What is Wakeup Call / Pick up time ?


Let’s say we just landed at MRU “Mauritius” , and PUR says: “Your wake up time is 13:30 and pick up at 14:30”

This means the followings:

-          Crew “you and the cabin  crew” will be on the bus from hotel to airport tomorrow at 14:30 LOCAL TIME (MRU local time not Dubai time or any other time).

-          It also means that the hotel will call you to wake you up “Wake up call” at 13:30 MRU time.



-          The wake up call allows you one hour to be down stairs at reception ready to leave hotel.

-          You must be at hotel reception/lobby 10 min before “Pickup time” specially of you have any bills to clear.



Getting Sick on a layover:

NEVER fly with a cold, I am sure you still remember your training and how the sinus looks from inside, (if not, drop me a line on the forums and I will  explain).

Flying while having a cold may cause a blockage in your sinus channels and can hurt your ear drums.


If you felt sick on a layover, and you think it may get worse, you must contact your senior, even if it’s in the middle of night, they need to know you are sick, here is why:


-          They will contact crew doctor on this station “layover”

-          They will  arrange your stay in hotel if the doctor orders you to stay behind “crew then will go back home – you will stay sick in hotel”

-          They will notify Emirates so when you get better EK will arrange your trip back to DXB.


Strangers, Sex, Layover crazy stuff.


Let’s put it this way, You have the opportunity to travel the world, meet millions of people and have lots of fun, yet more than 96% of people you meet in this career will be and say as “strangers”,  So if you want to have a little fun, by all means; have all the fun you want BUT be “smart” and stay “safe”..  here are a few tips:


-          If you are in a bar, and you did not tell any one that you are a cabin crew, I would still know you are one !!  how?? Why?? àNo matter what we do, No matter which nationality we hold; we all share common body language for example “out going, open, loud, clothes style, eye contact, language we use….” We are different than others.

My point is, people can tell that you are not from around here, and if someone “a stranger” have bad intentions then they most probably did their “home work” and know which airline crew goes normally to which bar/pub….

Take care of Drink Spiking which means someone next to you slips a drug into your drink and take advantage of you once the drug starts working.


-          Be smart, pick the people you choose to meet, study their body language and if you have a

        bad feeling about them then you are probably right.


-          Sex ?? sure, it’s for free, lots of flavors and destinations to try. You are not a kid anymore,

        you are responsible of everything you do, so please think about who’s going to be sleeping

        in  your bed before you invite them in. And just for the record, It is not smart at all to

        invite a total drunk  he/she to your bed, as next morning you never know what they may

        claim against you. (yes, it happened many times that next day girls/boys waking up in crew

        rooms claimed to be drunk and not remember how they end up in crew room and a sexual

       harassment was filed against the crew. So, again be smart.


Well, I know this sound a lot, but trust me, If you understand this article, you’re life will be a lot easier as you won’t have to lean the hard way like most of us did J.


Now that you are “Safe”, It’s time to et ready and have a lot of fun, Live your life, do a much as you can, get crazy but responsible.