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New Cabin crew: Your first few flights with Emirates (or any other airlines)
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Saturday, 28 April 2012 14:52
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SUPY | Starting Guide

Your first few flights with Emirates (or any other airlines)

Congratulations !!!

I am happy you are joining us, Emirates Group is an Exciting company to work at, Emirates Airlines even more exciting.


If you are reading this, then most probably you have completed your training and getting ready for your first few flights as a new cabin crew.

Your life is transforming into something new, very few have the privilege to have a life like ours, crazy but exciting.. you will be hopping over the planet every other day. you will see wonders, taste a million flavors, sky is literally the limit !!!

So, Let me try to make your first month as easy as possible; read on..


So your first flight is coming soon eyh ? Must be so exciting, butterflies in your stomach, happy but kinda nervous ?

What will I be doing on board ? I don’t know what’s gonna happen…


Hey, Relax, We have all been there, and to be honest, It is so much fun. let me explain some facts and recommendation to make your first day runs smooth J


Waking Up:

-          Waking up:  Sleep early, make sure you set your alarm (2 alarms is better)

-          Please have breakfast, you have a nice long day ahead (so wake up early!)

-          I am sure by now, you have your uniform neatly pressed and really  good!


Arriving at HQ (head quarters):

-          Now you are at HQ, nice and early;

-          When you enter the briefing room, Please introduce your self to your 3 seniors (Purser, SFS, SFS).

-          Let them know it’s your first flights (1st Supy, 2nd Supy, 1st Operational, 2nd Operational).


What is a Supy cabin crew anyway ?

A Supy is a fresh new crew, you will not get a door till after your first 2 flights (one on Boeing/ one on Airbus). So you will have what’s called an “A” position.


Being a Supy is so cool, you do not have to actually work the service as you are mainly join the flight to get the “feel” of how things work, however; 99.9% of my Supy’s  always wanted to try and work doing the service with their colleagues which is much appreciated and at same time makes you gain knowledge faster.



Tips|for your first Supy flights with Emirates airlines, or any other carrier as the concept is mainly a common sense :


- I want you to remember a couple of things, and always put them before your eyes when ever you are making a decision:


(A)  Your main reason to be onboard as a cabin crew is flight safety, then second reason is service and customer care.


(B)  Safety is a black/white issue, so it is very clear what is right/wrong. You have been trained in Emirates aviation training collage for safety and security. (Always remember that if something does not look right to you then most chances it is.. Think safety!)


(C)  Service, however; is not a black/white issue, service can be changed according to different variables, Service also gets lots of updates.


From the above 3 thoughts, you can see that your service style will improve by  time, you are not expected to know 100% of everything in service by heart from day one.. However;

 You are expected to apply a 100% safety/security practice from day one. (ideally from your first operational flight as you will get a door position and an area of responsibility).



Very important:

-          Just because you are new, it does not mean “you do not know!”  (trust your self)

-          Ask questions please! (the more you ask, the clearer things get)

-          Do not assume anything, simply ask and clarify !

-          We are over 120 nationalities, If you do not understand your colleague/not sure then simply ask for a rephrase !

-          SMILE!!!!  (you can get away with almost anything. just smile)


How to maximize you learning outcome on your first few flights:

-  Ask questions….try to absorb as much information as possible.

-  After service is done, take permission form your SFS (senior) and visit other cabins, get to know the emergency equipment locations, get to know the aircraft.

-  Pay attention to what’s happening around you (Capt. Announcement, other crew positions. what are they doing..)

-  Ask your senior for a chance “or two” to open/close doors.

-  SMILE!!!!


We "your seniors and colleagues" will always provide you with information as much as you can handle, but you must show us you want to learn more, If you do not ask questions you won’t get answers as easy.




Be your self, the airline picked you from many other thousands of applicants for a reason, you have what it takes to make an excellent crew, always think positive, help everyone and open up to new experiences.

Wear your uniform in pride and welcome what’s coming your way.


I really hope I get a chance to fly with you, If you work for Emirates; look me up on the system, If not then follow my twitter and Facebook :)



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