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Healthy Living - cabin crew for a better lifestyle (food and sports part 2)
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Sunday, 10 April 2011 15:35
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Assuming you already read part 1 if not then it might be a good idea to start there.

So, as a new crew - or someone who has been here for some time and looking for a change towards more energy and active lifestyle,

- How do you rate your current "living" stats , are you energetic ? do you conceder yourself "Active" ?

You see,  if you are still reading through these lines then there is a big chance your an "open-for a change" person, which is all what is needed for that change to happen. Living healthy is a golden key for a better life, we all know that but how many of us accentually felt it ? specially with a job like ours, it becomes a bit hard to manage sleep, food, spare time, but the good news is that with a little persistence you will manage it and it will be a second nature in a short time.

 WATER Note: DO NOT drink water out of the tap in you live in UAE. please use mineral water !

I can not stress how much is it important to have enough water, as a new crew you will always be mind-focused on the million things happening  around you, you will rarely feel thirsty, you will have enough energy to sustain the flight with no water/or food, as you are new and

excited you will have more adrenaline in your system that will keep you going till flight is over and "then" you will feel the nice hard

impact of tiredness, hunger and thirst, am i right?

Tip: Thirst is often mistaken for hunger! you might feel hungry and eat food you don't need while in fact you are just  thirsty!

Daily water intake: 1.9 Liter/Day or 8~9 cups (average 60KG person with moderate activities -3 times a week  light workout)

You should add more cups when you fly because aircraft air is dry.Try this calculator below and remember to add more cups when you fly

Tip: basically, when you pee, check the urine color, it should always be clear or very light yellow, if its heavy yellow then drink water please.

Simple Calculation:   Body Weight in Pounds x 0.5 ounces = Daily Fluid Requirement in ounces

Remember:  Water is important to maintain energy levels and healthy life stream.


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