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Food and sports (part1)
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Written by Administrator   
Thursday, 10 March 2011 15:28
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Okay, Nice and easy

As a flight attendant we are affected under different variables (like air type, humidity percentage, muscle movement restrictions, food quality...) comparing to an average person living on earth (on ground :P)

You and I may not consider keeping a healthy life style and i am not talking here about diet routine or a colon detox, this is simply because we are young and strong, so these variables does not dramatically affect us, yet we do feel some echoes some times.. for example waking up half asleep dosing two cups of coffee before your mind switches on, or pulling your self out of bed, how about crashing asleep for 12Hrs straight with no reason why in your mind except.."it was a busy flight" !

I will be talking about the following subjects along the coming week,

- Healthy living 

- Food onboard (why, what, how and another why!)

- Gym & Training (understanding that every body is different)

- Personal trainers ? ( is it a good idea ? Sure! but not for everyone...why! )

- Water intake, additional supplements

I will setup this page so you can interact, ask or even share your tips with everyone.

Trust me on this one, The more you "understand" how to take care of your body, the more "Alive" you will feel and you will maximize your way to a fuller life!




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